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TweakStyle 0.8.0 is out

What's new ?

- Preprocessors Support

SASS, LESS or Stylus are examples of Preprocessors for the CSS language.
When using one of thoose, the source code must be processed (i.e. built) into CSS before it can be used by browsers.

TweakStyle 0.8.0 introduce some support of Preprocessors and custom builds:

  • Source files automatically pined
  • Live Update on save without having to reload preview

This is made possible through Sourcemap support and Watch for file change

For now, TweakStyle does not embed any preprocessor compiler. To get this working, you’ll have to setup the compiler yourself.
Don't forget to enable sourcemaps and use watch mode (compile on save).
You should find easily how to setup thoose options in the documentation of the Preprocessor you use.

- Tons of fixes and improvements

View full release notes

TweakStyle open beta started!

We’re very excited to annouce the launch of TweakStyle’s open beta.

Anyone can now download and try it for free at

The beta also serves as a trial and will expire in 15 days. During the open beta period, the full version will be available for the discounted price of only $71.99 (USD)

Huge update

We’re very proud and excited to announce the release to beta testers of a huge update, result of more than 3 months of hard work.

On the menu

Color tooltips & Color picker in code editors

Combined with instant preview, this is just … Awesome !


Devtools on preview

We’ve integrated part of Google Chrome devtools to TweakStyle, allowing to debug DOM and javascript.


Add to workspace tool

You can now add one or several files to your workspace in a few clicks.


And tons of improvements


  • Enabled editing of remote files
  • DMG packaging for mac users + DEB and RPM packaging for linux ones
  • Improved live update delay (now it is really an instant preview)
  • View full release notes

What’s next ?

Open Beta
We plan to open the beta to everyone soon and the next weeks will be focused on preparing it.

User experience & Feedback
In the next weeks we’ll focus on improving user experience and fixing small things that can break it.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Please note that we’ve moved our feedback center from github to UserReport which is more user friendly.
It is also accessible from TweakStyle in the “Help” menu.

Help & Documentation
We’ll also work on making easier to get started in TweakStyle.

Website & Communication
We plan to improve the website with more information and communication materials.

Trial vs License
The open beta will introduce a trial system which will make it worth purchasing.
Don’t miss the 30% off offer which is valid up to the open beta!

New Features ?
After opening the beta, there will be another big development step with tons of new things. It will probably comes to you this fall.

Christmas update released!

We’ve just released a major update for TweakStyle.

The content of this update is focused on general improvements:

  • Bugs fixes
  • Performance improvements (especially on Mac & Linux)
  • UI improvements

But it also ship some long-awaited features:

  • DOM Path Inspector
  • Window menu & hotkeys
  • More than 30 settings available through preferences menu (Including UI font size)
  • Ability to resize code editors at a desired height
  • Project host setting

And much more … See full release notes

The early beta will last until the next major update (February 2015).
In the meantime

Hope you’ll enjoy this update,
TweakStyle Team